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    nutritionist amanda ford

    As an experienced Nutritionist, Amanda Ford will empower you to create the healthy body that you want, so you can live a better life! Amanda works with a range of clients and has particular interests in thyroid health, autoimmunity, digestion and fatigue.
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    personalisedadvice + programs

    Nutritionist Amanda Ford uses evidence based nutrition to provide you with the most effective and individualised plan to achieve your health goals.
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    We use in-clinic tools and functional testing to uncover the underlying drivers to your health problems, for the most effective and long term results. This includes: body composition scans, comprehensive stool analysis, food intolerance testing, pyrroles and more...
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    zest forhealth + happiness

    Create the body and life you want without diets and fads! We are passionate about inspiring our clients with good food, health and nutrition.


We use diet and natural medicine to treat digestive problems such as reflux, bloating, gas, IBS; as well as food intolerances + allergies. Enjoy long term relief and the zing back in your life! MAKE APPOINTMENT


Are you running on empty? We will uncover the underlying drivers to your fatigue such as thyroid function, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to help you get your zest back! MAKE APPOINTMENT


Are you confused with what's healthy and what's not? Do you want to find out if you have food intolerances? We provide practical nutrition advice so you can fuel your body with the right foods. MAKE APPOINTMENT


  • "Amanda helped to fine tune my diet in a highly customised way. Her ongoing support and advice have been so helpful in keeping me motivated and I really enjoy her open-minded approach to nutrition and health. I would recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to develop the tools to feel better in their everyday lives." Tamzyn
  • "Amanda has assisted me to manage my autoimmune condition and improve my energy levels and vitality. She has increased my understanding of my health and provided advice to support my diet. I would recommend Amanda to all my friends and family!" Katrina
  • "Thank you Amanda for your help with my chronic health issues. Thanks to your professionalism and personal attention, I reached my goals of weight loss and more vitality! I would thoroughly recommend your services." Chris
  • "Amanda's extensive knowledge and holistic approach aided in improving my digestion, skin, mood, energy and stress levels. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to better their state of health and wellbeing." Olivia


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    BACKGROUND A bit about Amanda

    Having experienced the imbalances of health first hand, Amanda's passionate about helping others find a healthy balance through diet and lifestyle. With the help of nutrition and natural medicine, Amanda has been able to live a healthier life herself. Her personal health journey led Amanda to study Nutritional Medicine, so she can help others to do the same.
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    educate empower + inspire

    Amanda is passionate about educating her clients on the role of nutrition and how to use food as medicine. She empowers you to rebalance your body, achieve optimum health, and prevent chronic disease. Amanda's vision is to inspire you to get your zest for life back with good food, health and nutrition.
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    experienced+ accredited nutritionist

    Amanda Ford is an accredited nutritionist with over 8 years experience in the health industry and clinical practice.

    Amanda stepped out on her own to start up Zest+Zing with the mission to empower others to create the healthy body they want.

    Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
    BA (Media + Communications)
    Australian Traditional Medicine Society Member

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    health writing+ workshops

    Amanda's previous professional life saw her working in PR, Advertising + Marketing. Amanda combines these skills with her passion and knowledge of nutrition through regular health writing, workshops and speaking engagements.

    Amanda has contributed to national health programs and has been published in Marie Claire, Women's Health + Fitness, NW.


Appointments available In Person or via Skype
Dee Why Pharmacy, 729-731 Pittwater Road, Dee Why  
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